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On September 25th, 2018 we lost our amazing friend and board member Matthew McBride Weber.

He was much more than those things though, he was part of our world and part of our stories. Losing our Matt has left a huge hole in our hearts that we are going to fill everyday by loving more, giving more and making this world a better place. Matt made the world better just by being in it. His passion for bikes, Project Bike Love and absolutely anything he put his heart into was more genuine and inspiring than anything we've seen. Matt gave so much in his short time here and we will forever be changed because of his part in our world. We want to honor his memory and his family by doing everything we do with a part of Matt's heart with us. This Giving Tuesday we are honoring him by partnering with DNA to create a beautiful kit that will allow his entire community to show their love. DNA has generously designed this kit at zero cost to us and will be donating 100% of the profits to Project Bike Love in honor of Matt

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